Glock, Glock, Glock

Standard High Capacity Glock Magazines     -   $25.00
Pearce Plus 2 Mag Extensions                          -     $8.00
Pearce Glock Grip Plug                                       -     $5.00
Packmyr Glock Rubber Grip                               -  $12.50
Glock Perfection T shirts                                     -  $15.00
Gen 3 recoil spring                                                -  $10.00
Gen 4 & subcompact recoil springs                 -  $18.00
Ghost ultimate 3.5 DI connector                        -  $20.00
Firing pin spring cups per pair                          -    $5.00
Firing pin spacer sleeve                                      -    $4.00
Extractor w/loaded chamber indicator            -   $18.00
Glock extended Mag release                              -     $5.00
Glock extended slide release                             -   $15.00

We have Glock Perfection T Shirts in stock for $15.00 each.  Sizes Small through 2XL.

                                      Gun Cases

Don't let your guns go naked - keep them in a case to help protect them from damage during transport.

Bulldog Tactical Extreme Assault Rifle Case - OD Green or Black. We have 40" and 45" cases in stock.  Different sizes are available. 
  • 2 1/4" total soft padding
  • Full-length zipper with pull
  • Brushed Tricot, soft scratch-resistant inner lining
  • Zippered accessory pocket
  • Heavy-duty double stitching
  • Removable adjustable shoulder strap with swivels
  • Durable, extra heavy-duty Nylon, water-resistant outer shell
  • 4 Velcro external magazine pouches
  • It Floats!!!

Priced at $35.00

Black Padded Scoped rifle case. We have 44" and 48" cases in stock - other sizes are available.
  • 1 1/2" total soft padding
  • Full-length zipper with pull
  • Durable Nylon water-resistant outer shell
  • Brushed Tricot, soft scratch-resistant inner lining

Priced at $20.00

Gray color pistol rug with black edging - We have Small, Med and Large sizes in stock. 

  • Thick 1 3/4" total soft padding
  • Full-length zipper
  • Heavy-duty Nylon, water-resistant outer shell                

Priced at $10.00

Uncle Mikes Inside Pocket holster for easy concealment of Small and medium size handguns.  (ambidextrous)

Priced at $12.00
                                        AR 15 Parts

We have a lot of AR15 parts from YHM, RRA, and others, if you don't see it here please ask.
GMG 1 inch Pic rail carry handle upper- fits all brands of AR 15 1" rail uppers.   $40.00


GMG AR15 collapsible stock,  fits all 5.56 ar 15 stripped lowers, commercial size tube, includes stock, tube, spring, buffer, nut and plate.  $65.00



Rock River Arms Lower Parts Kit.

This kit contains all the parts you need to complete your lower receiver minus the rear stock.      (Prices when in stock)

With A2 plastic grip $75.00

With Ergo ambidextrous grip $85.00
With Ergo ambidextrous grip and 2 stage match trigger  $155.00


Rock River Arms - Pre Ban AR 15 CAR stock.

Includes stock, spring, tube, housing, buffer, nut and receiver plate.   This is everything you need to put the rear stock on your gun. 

Price - $65.00


Rock River Arms Operator Stock.

This is the full stock kit - it comes with everything in the picture - yes the wrench too.  The tube and stock are commercial size.



In stock now -  Magpul MOE stocks and buffer tube sets.  These are all nice tight fitting Mil-Spec sets.  We have Black, OD and FDE.  Stocks are $35.00,  Heavy Buffer, tube and spring sets are $75.00


Magpul CTR - Friction Lock Stock set. 

This is a mil spec stock and tube set, it comes with everything in the picture. The buffer is a spikes tactical ST-T2 buffer - it has the spikes spider on the face and it's filled with powdered tungsten to help dampen recoil.  We have Black and Dark Earth colors in stock.


Magpul Pmags

These are the newer style M-rev Mags with the dust cover that snaps to the bottom of the magazine.   We have Black mags available.  We also
have the window Pmags - $12.50 ea   (in stock now)



Yankee Hill Machine Tool  (YHM)   Folding AR 15 - 1 inch Pic rail folding sight sets, these are all steel quality AR sights.   We highly recommend these sights over many others.      $140.00 per set!!!   (Or 75.00 for the rear and 65.00 for the front)


                                                             AK Accessories

Surplus Soviet AK 74 magazines, 5.45 x 39MM - original communist bloc military surplus mags. 


Surplus Chinese, Polish or Romanian AK 47 magazines, 7.62 x 39MM - original communist bloc military surplus magazines.  $12.50 ea


We have Tapco plastic AK 47 magazines available.       
These mags work well in most all AK 47's

Priced at just $10.00 each.


Sights and Mounts

Trijicon ACOG  RCO 4X32 Red CHV M16M4

Due in this week, Trijicon RCO 4X32 sight, for use on M4 rifle systems this scope uses dual illumination technology, bullet drop compensator ensures good hits out to 800M.   This is a top of the line optical system.  $1279.00 


Eotech 512.A65/1

The Eotech 512 is our personal favorite.  This Holographic sight is ideal for those times when you need fast shooting response times and versatility without night vision capability.  Eotech Holographic sights are parallax free - which means once you zero them at your preferred range you will be shooting on target every time.  These sights allow you to shoot with both eyes open promoting good situational awareness.  This sight uses traditional AA batteries as a prime power source, these batteries are available in about every store - which means you should never be without your holographic sight. Two lithium AA batteries will run this sight for 1000 continuous hours at the high reticle illumination setting and standard alkaline AA's will run it for 600 hours of continuous use. This sight is versatile, durable, cost effective and easy to power.  Weight - 11.5 ounces, mounts to standard 1" picatinny rail. More information can be found at the Eotech manufacturers home page.

  For sale at    $415.00

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