Pistols for Sale
We have a lot of handguns in stock - not all of them are listed every day.  Sometimes inventory moves fast - if you don't see something - call and ask.   Thanks.
1911 Loaded Stainless

Precision fit forged frame, slide and barrel, this custom gun comes standard with, flat serrated mainspring housing, cut ejection port, lightweight hammer, titanium firing pin, high beavertail, extended safety, and more.  Includes hard case, 2 mags.                    $850.00   IN STOCK NOW!!!

Range Officer. 

Exceptional quality at an affordable price.   Built with the same quality as the TRP and Trophy Match but without the extras that result in a higher price.  Everything you need in a competition gun at an affordable price.         $799.00 - Sold


Tactical Response Pistol (TRP)

We have these .45's in Stainless or Armory Kote finish. Designed around the same specifications as the FBI-HRT gun the TRP offers like performance at a fraction of the cost.   For sale at $1450.00 -  Sold


In stock.     We have a Colt 1911 Delta Elite in 10MM.    Priced at $1199.00    Also available with blued slide.   Sold - Thx



Kel Tec PMR30

  Call if you want it - first come first take!!   New Manufacture Kel Tec, 30 rounds of 22 magnum, fiber optic sights.  Nice shooting gun.  $399.00 



Taurus Model 44

In stock now Taurus 44 magnum with 6.25 inch ported barrel, 8 3/8inch bbl also available.  Taurus large frame revolvers deliver the goods in a big way. The model 44 offers up 6 rounds of full power .44 Magnum loads. Hammer forged for tough performance and confidence-boosting accuracy, these decision-makers come with hand-fitted actions, and clean, crisp triggers right out of the box. New innovations include ported barrels that reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil.  $525.00  - On sale - Sold


  Taurus 905 - chambered for 9mm Luger

This compact small frame 9mm holds 5 rounds and is a double/single action pistol.  It is stainless steel, has fixed sights, and has a 2 inch barrel. Transfer bar safe firing pin system and TSS - Taurus Security System.

$450.00 - In stock



                                                                         Glock Pistols

Glock Pistols - We keep a good variety of Glock pistols in stock.  It's one of our favorite guns, our glock eats ammunition that jams some of our other guns.  I'm not trying to offend anyone out there but hey what can I say - the proof is in the pudding.  Our primary Go-To handgun for combat applications is the Glock pistol.  

The Glock 17 Gen 4 is our #1 favorite handgun.  These are great pistols and the standard by which all others try to copy.  I can't recall all the times I've heard  "yeah and just like a Glock this gun has....."   Why own a gun that's just like a Glock when you can own a Glock. 

Chambered in 9mm NATO this weapon is equipped with standard sights. This is the original model Glock and the best - we think anyway - this weapon is new in the factory hard case, it comes with 3 - 17 round magazines, loader, pistol lock, cleaning rod, brush, and instructions. This is a third generation FGR gun (finger grooves on the grip and a rail under the front). 

$495.00 - These must go - we are closing the doors!!!!!

Iowa residents please add 7% sales tax
others add $20.00 for shipping

  Glock 19 Gen 4 -  Chambered in 9MM Nato it's the most popular Glock model of all.   This is the compact model of the 17 and is easily concealable. This pistol is new in the box and comes with all the same accessories. The Glock 19 Gen 4 comes with 3 - 15 round magazines.


Iowa residents please add 7% sales tax
others add $20.00 for shipping

Also in stock - Glock 26, 27, 36, 42, 43, 33  etc. etc.... 

Glock 21 gen 4 - This Glock is chambered in 45 caliber ACP. 
This weapon is new in the factory hard case, it comes with 3 - 13 round magazines, loader, pistol lock, cleaning rod, brush, and instructions.

$569.95 - Sold
Iowa residents please add 7% sales tax
others add $20.00 for shipping


                                                             Magnum Research / IMI

                                    Desert Eagle

MK XIX 50 CAL AE and 44Magnum Black

The Desert Eagle Pistol is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a rotating bolt for positive lock-up. The barrel is locked in place, assuring a high degree of accuracy. Maximum effective range with the standard 6-inch barrel is 200 meters (650 ft.). The polygonal rifling reduces barrel wear and enhances accuracy.  Ambidextrous safety, last round hold open, hard case and adjustable sights.    These pistols are hard to come by but we keep them in stock.

$1499.00 - In Stock

In Stock - Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome, and Satin Nickel Desert Eagle Mark XIX chambered in 50 CAL AE Nice guns and again - hard to find.     $1799.00


Gold Desert eagle in 44 Magnum

n stock Titanium Gold 50 AE, and 44 Magnum pistols  - $2075.00
Nice guns - these are hard to find.

Gold Desert Eagle in 50 Cal AE with Tiger Stripes:

These are one of a kind and very hard to find - each gun is different as the stripes are hand applied, we have waited a year for this gun. this gun will go to the first buyer.  This gun is in stock now.      $2099.00

Also in stock now - Desert Eagle Brushed Chrome MK XIX 50AE pistol with muzzle brake. Also available in Polished chrome.      $1995.00

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