FN  SCAR 17S

In stock - we found a SCAR 17S in our stack of collectibles - $3199.95


                                      Barrett Rifles

We currently have the Barrett M82A1 in stock.  Chambered in 50 BMG the Barrett sets the standard which all others follow.   This rifle is semi automatic and is fed from a 10 round box magazine.  It has a 29"barrel chrome plated chamber and weighs 31 pounds.  Recoil is managed through the front muzzle brake and a dual barrel recoil spring system....  This weapon comes as a system - contains rifle, bipod, monopod, 1 magazine hard case and cleaning kit.

Rifle System   $9250.00  
Rock River Arms

Rock River Arms - ATH Carbine

  This is the .223 chambered Advanced Tactical Hunter.  This rifle is fitted with an 18" match stainless cryogrenically treated barrel - Rock River states 3/4 MOA from this rifle.   2 stage trigger, ergo grip, star safety, operator stock, and hard case.  

  (In Stock)   $959.00


Warsaw Pact Rifles

Arsenal SLR107FR   -   Chambered in the traditional 7.62 x 39mm, this rifle is available with black or plum colored stocks.  This rifle has a solid folding rear stock.   this is one of our favorite AK's.    
Black Stock - $999.00 - out of stock
Plum Stock - $1059.00 - out of stock


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