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Here at Peacekeeper Defense we have a lot of experience using military style weapons, we've used a lot of weapons and had a chance to evaluate what works well.   We'll use that experience to bring you the best weapons we can at reasonable prices.

As our team chief always said:  Use a gun that works every time - all skill is in vain when an Angel pees in the flintlock of your musket.

22900 S. Ave
Reinbeck, Iowa
   (Call us if you have questions - we are available at
     most reasonable hours)

                                   (Website updated 18 July 2017)


                                  Shop Notes

    We'll be available for special appointments this week, we are also having shop hours this week on Wednesday 26 July from 5 to 7 PM Stop in and see us - we are well stocked with Firearms, Ammunition, and Suppressors. We are now accepting Credit Cards.  All shop owned weapons are 10% off in July.   Desert eagle pistols are priced at shop cost.  Some of these must GO!!!!

Thanks.    Pete.

All desert Eagle pistols must go - priced at dealer cost these wont last long!!   We have chrome, gold, zebra stripe, and black models.    Stop in and take a look.


In Stock - We have a new in the box PARA TTR folding stock AR15. The unique pistol drive recoil system allows this rifle to have a true side fold stock.  Now out of production this is a great AR and collectors gun.


We have over 100 Silencers in stock - if you're curious about owning one of these, or would like to shoot one give us a call - we keep several in stock for demo purposes.  All AAC Silencers are 10 % off during the months of May and Jun. Stop by or call for pricing...   


In stock now - Smith & Wesson Shield pistols,  nice little 9mm compact guns.  On sale at $399.00 and we'll throw in a spare magazine this week.  There is also a $75.00 factory rebate on this gun for a limited time.


In stock now - Smith & Wesson bodyguard pistols,  nice little 380 auto compact guns.  On sale at $299.00 and we'll throw in a spare magazine this week.  There is also a $50.00 factory rebate on this gun for a limited time.


We have a handful of old Mausers in the shop - stop in and check them out.  We have, Savage Enfield, Chilean, Israeli, and others.    

In stock Rock River Arms 5.56 mm Coyote Rifle - HBAR Barrel, Smith Vortex flash hider, Hogue grip, Operator stock, match trigger.  Stop and see us for our super sale price on this rifle it won't last long.

Also in stock - Rock River Arms Elite operator 2 carbines, and Fall Special CAR A4 carbines.    $1100.00 each


XM 855 Ammuntion - 62gr FMJ Green tip, 150 round boxes


In stock - Silencerco's Harvester 30 cal silencer / suppressor - good up to 300WM ($699.00) and the Harvester Big Bore Suppressor - good up to 338 Lapua Magnum ($1299.00).   The direct thread design ensures maximum repeatable shot over shot accuracy, lightweight and easy to maintain - with integral muzzle brake.


In stock.  Wise 52 serving Prepper Pack Bucket of freeze dried food.  Enough food for 1 person for a week.  25 year shelf life.  Includes entrees, cereals, and drink mixes, milk mix etc. This is a great bargain for a limited time. $55.00 while supplies last. Drop us a note if you'd like us to hold some of these for you...


In stock!!!     Polish surplus AK 47 magazines. These are probably the heaviest built of the surplus mags and could possibly be some of the last. Our supply of these has been drying up and going up in price. And these look new!!! This is the gold standard for AK mags - none function better than cold war surplus!!! On sale for a little while at $15.00 each.... Thanks.      


In stock!!!

Mossberg SPX 930 autoloader shotguns, 8 shot, 3" chamber, rear recoil pad, ghost ring sights, Black, FDE and Kryptek patterns available.
On Sale at $779.00 to $799.00

In stock again - Glock bench mats.  These mats are 11 x 17 inches and are made of soft neoprene.  $12.95


In stock 5.56MM  IMI, 77Gr OTM ammunition.   $395.00 per case of 500 rounds.  


 In Stock -
 Zebra Print Desert Eagle in 50AE.   $1795.00


(Buy a PTR and we'll give you a free stack of magazines) 

This rifle was the main battle rifle of Germany for almost 30 years.  It's hard to find a better proven system than this.   For sale at $1099.00


Available now - Sig Sauer    1911 45ACP Spartan Carry model pistol bronze finish with Molon Labe engraved slide and 24K gold inlaid grips.


In stock and on sale now - Desert Eagle 50AE in Brushed Chrome - We found a special buy on this one.   MSRP is $1799.00 on sale at $1699.00

  In Stock - UTAS 12 Ga shotguns.  Available with light and laser
combo.   $1099.00 - $1399.00 w/light laser combo.



In Stock Now - YHM Upper receivers.  Carbine, Specter, and Specter XL models available in 5.56MM.  $750.00 - $775.00 - $795.00


In stock and on sale for $999.00...   Winchester Ranger R19 / 24 gun fire and security safe.  Designed to protect valuables from break in or fire for 1 hour at 1400 degrees, Winchester guarantees their safes - if you have a fire or break in that destroys your safe they will send out a locksmith to open your safe and they will ship you a new one.

In stock long range shooting rifles.  Barrett, Armalite, and Savage...    Armalite AR 50A1 rifle pictured below...  


In Stock!   Color filled Stripped Spikes Tactical Punisher, US Flag, and Zombie lowers.  $135.00
We also have a good selection of Bolt Carriers, Lower Parts kits, and stock sets.


In stock at Peacekeeper Defense -  Trijicon ACOG TA31 RCOM4  tritium sights.  $1279.00


In Stock,   5.11 bailout bags, these bags work great as a set of combat load gear, or a range bag.  Velcro magazine pouches allow easy access to your mags and large central pouch works as a dump pouch for expended mags.  $65.00    available in Black or Coyote Brown.

In Stock - Speedvault - Keep that gun safe and fast accesible when you need it - try the speedvault. 18ga steel construction, foam lined interior, digital keypad, fast activation drop down drawer, secure handgun storage. Uses 1 - 9V battery.  $165.00


  We have Eotech 512's and XPS 2-0's in stock now.

Eotech 512 A65 - $415.00
Eotech XPS 2-0 - $465.00


We have AR 15 parts available - please see the accessories page for item availability. 

We sell custom AR parts,  complete upper receivers available, Spikes Tactical, Yankee Hill Machine, Black Rain Ordinance.   Complete uppers starting at $550.00

For our selection of Rock River Arms rifles please see the Rifles Tab.

                                                                                     On patrol in North Africa



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